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Jetsons Sample Service


The Jetsons sample service is a simple RAPID service that demonstrates concepts of a RAPID service.

The Jetsons sample service is used throughout the overview and documentation to describe RAPID concepts.


The Jetsons sample service exposes a simple schema comprising of:

  1. A Company type
  2. An Employee type
  3. A service that exposes
    1. A single instance of a Company, representing the current (home) company, and
    2. A collection of Companies, representing competitors

In RSDL, this simple schema would be described as:

type Company
key stockSymbol: String
name: String
incorporated: DateTime
employees: [Employee]

type Employee
key id: Integer
firstName : String?
lastName : String?
title: String?

competitors: [Company]
company: Company

Try it out!

You can check out the live Jetsons sample service to get a feel for how you can interact with a RESTier service.

Under the covers

The Jetsons sample service is built using the RESTier framework. RESTier makes it easy to build OData services that support RAPID requests/responses.

The source code for the Jetsons sample service can be found in the odata-rapid open source repo.